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Mortgages, Loans, Insurance, Credit, Debt Management, if you have financial needs or financial worries, be assured we have a solution for you. First Financial Direct, specialises in finding the right information for you and listing it all in a single simple to use,Financial markets move up and down all the time, at the moment we are in a slump and critical financial information that is quick to use is essential. I hope you find what you need and that the future once again becomes profitable for you.

Good Luck.

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cheap auto insurance

Cheap Auto Insurance quotes can often be misleading! You need to make sure that the auto insurance you are buying, covers you for all eventualities

Cheap Auto Insurance by First Financial Direct
more info

debt consolidation company

A debt consolidation company consolidates and manages your debts for you. You have to apply for debt consolidation to the company which then offers you various ways and means through which you can consolidate debt.

Debt Consolidation by First Financial Direct
more info

online payday loans

The processing and the requirements are very easy of Online Payday Loans with Instant Approval and explained below

Online Payday Loans by First Financial Direct
more info

life insurance

Life insurance is great for individuals that have a family, dependents and earn the most income to support their family.

Life Insurance by First Financial Direct
more info

credit card debt consolidation

Debt Consolidation is a big loan that will pay off your credit card loans. There are several ways these debt consolidation programs work.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation
more info

debt consolidation

Debt consolidation advice helps you tackle your multiple debts economically. With debt consolidation advice you can merge all your existing debts into one with low interest rate.

more info

insurance companies

When shopping for a new insurance company ask if they have "Claims Protection." This protects you against your first accident. You should also ask about the company's cancellation policy in regards to multiple tickets or accidents.

Awarded 5 Stars by First Financial Direct
more info

auto insurance quote

Determining your premium depends on many factors - they are called insurance quotes. It includes where you live, the kind of car your drive, how much you drive, how much coverage you want, your driving record, and your age - and other insurance quotes.

Awarded 5 Stars by First Financial Direct
more info

life insurance quotes

Life insurance quotes can give you the average cost or price that you will give the needed projections of your possible monthly premiums.

more info

whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is slightly more costly than term life insurance.

more info

free credit report

You have the right to obtain one free credit report a year from each of the major credit reporting agencies

more info

auto insurance

Auto Insurance - Make sure that the policy you purchase covers all the elements you require and is comparable to your existing auto insurance policy. Cheap auto insurance, is only cheap when compared on a like for like basis and is usually cheap because of restrictions to the policy

Auto Insurance by First Financial Direct
more info

credit card offers

Credit card companies will offer you low interest rates, no annual fees, low APR and other attractive offers. In fact, some even offer zero interest rates and zero APR. If you think that this is too good to be true, then there is a great possibility that it is.

more info

mortgage leads

If you buy mortgage leads in bulk, most likely you will be buying old or recycled mortgage leads.

more info

mortgage loans

Mortgage Loans are found in two types. Long term mortgage loans and short term mortgage loans. The advantage of long term mortgage loans is that you can also choose for fixed rates and save considerably on the interests.

more info

car insurance

Recent research has uncovered that drivers are currently spending £1.9 billion over the odds on the insurance for their cars.

Car Insurance by First Financial Direct
more info

auto insurance quotes

By taking the time to shop for and compare auto insurance quotes, you can find the best policy that is right for you, and many times you can lower the cost of your auto insurance coverage.

Auto insurance quotes by First Financial Direct
more info

car insurance quotes

It's right there in your hands, the way you want to handle your car insurance. Important and compulsory by the law, going in for the perfect and hassle free car insurance quote can be a real pain in the neck.

more info

tax debt relief

Tax debt relief help can cover a variety of tax problems ranging in severity.

Tax Debt Relief by First Financial Direct
more info

insurance quotes

Since insurance quotes are free, it is a good idea to get as many quotes as you can in order to make sure you obtain a competitive insurance rate quote.

Insurance Quotes by First Financial Direct
more info

cheap car insurance

If you're just starting to look for cheap car insurance quotes, you'll want to compare both long established and newer insurance companies for cheaper rates.

more info

term life insurance

Term life insurance is insurance for a short period of time and is deemed to be pure protection, as it builds no cash value. If the insurer dies within the specified duration of the insurance, the death benefit goes to his or her beneficiary.

Term Life Insurance by First Financial Direct
more info


Welcome to First Financial Direct


First Financial Direct specialise in bringing you up to date information relating to all things financial.


What is the best Insurance policy for you? Cheap auto insurance, home insurance, whole life insurance, term life insurance.


The best mortgages deals. The best Mortgage rates. What to do if you are struggling to pay your mortgage. Tips on saving money with your mortgage, what are the different types of mortgages.


Loans for any purpose including: Auto loans, personal loans, loans for home improvement, bridging loans. What are the best loan rates toady?


Credit card offers, get the best credit rates. Need credit? Find the best credit online.


How to get out of debt. Debt solutions, debt recovery, consolidate debt today - its simple to do and could save you lots of money.

Special offers

Mortgages' special offers, credit card special offers. Special offers on insurance.

We all struggle paying the mortgage or credit card bill on time. Often we have many outgoings and if we are not careful we can soon be up to our eyes in debt!

If you feel you have credit worries, you need to take action now. Debt consolidation is one method of lowering your monthly outgoings as is taking out a loan to consolidate debt. If things get really bad you might need to talk to an independent financial advisor. First Financial Direct specialise in bringing all these solutions under the one roof. Our web site is full of financial advice, tips, help and solutions.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, i sincerely hope you are able to get your debt, credit and financial worries under control. 

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